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Publisher content Automation

Automatically attractive texts for hotels & surroundings

Unique & informative hotel descriptions from your data

Data structuring and optimisation

We structure and optimise your data. This creates a clear and precise basis for your descriptions.

Enrichment with POI geodata

Based on the locations of your hotels, we automatically explore the surrounding area for interesting places and sights. This additional information makes your hotel even more attractive.

Creation of conversion-strong descriptions

We generate SEO-optimised and error-free descriptions. The result: more visibility, higher conversions and more satisfied guests.

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One keyword can influence an entire holiday

Help your guests make the right decision.

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Your guests want a unique & individual holiday

They’re looking for more than just a place to stay, and we’ll help you deliver the information your guests really need.

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Fully automatic text generation based on your hotel data

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Search engine optimised with relevant keywords

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in 110 languages and even local dialects

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Increase your traffic and boost your conversions

Your automotive data can do so much more

Generate an infinite number of perfect texts in 110 languages from product data

Data harmonisation and improvement

We create consistency in your data. All automotive supplier information is converted into a platform-compatible data model to ensure seamless integration.

Data optimisation for increased value

We improve your data to highlight the value of your products. Through precise information and optimised presentations, you increase the attractiveness of your offers.

Generation of informative texts in 110 languages

We automatically generate informative, platform-compliant texts in over 110 languages. This allows you to reach a global audience and maximise your reach and sales opportunities.

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We improve your data

Texts, tables & common data formats are used as sources. We can automatically structure and clean up known attributes and values.

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Turning data into engaging text

By including a broad database, you can make your texts more informative. At the same time, the texts are optimised for platforms, making them easier to find and thus achieving a higher reach.

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Compliant fields (or attributes)

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Key words and informative texts

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Consistent layout, formatting and style

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Better data, less work & more sales

Automated texts from your data

More texts with less effort and lower costs – in up to 110 languages

Data as inspiration

Our rule-based text creation starts with data. From product information to soil moisture to GPS positions – data are the stars that bring content to life and inspire your customers.

Rules for the wow effect in 110 languages

Intelligent rules and algorithms turn the data into a structured, convincing text – even for niche products and topics that require explanation. We also scale every translation project by subsequently translating the rules.

As flexible as your products

New data? No Problem. We can update your content at any time and enrich it with new information – including seasonal adjustments or regional subtleties. Rule-based text creation masters the art of customization.

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We make texts understandable

Your products are complex and highly technical, of course! But do your customers understand this? We use your data to create comprehensible & unique content that increases your conversion.

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Great content for every project and every target group

The Text Robot can be used to create any content – whether it’s a product description, recommendations for action in the event of error messages or reports for the online magazine. We tame your data chaos and create unique texts.

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Efficient data preparation

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Scalable text generation & translation

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Automated distribution

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Better data, less work & more sales

A detailed report

Get traffic back to your site with content that matters.

Data analysis and NLG integration

We go beyond pure data analysis. We obtain the necessary data, check it, prepare it and model it with a suitable data set for your needs.

Integration of static information

Static information adds relevance as it creates certain data constellations. We integrate this data to make your reporting even more meaningful.

Detailed reporting in natural language

Based on the data, we generate natural language texts that provide a wealth of information – and you still retain textual sovereignty.

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Increased visibility and readership

Let the text robot write great & error-free reports for you – use the potential of your website and reach millions of readers!

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More time for quality, more reach for your website

Use your data to generate content-rich copy and drive fresh traffic to your website. The high-quality content appeals to a broad mass and thus opens up areas for which little time was previously available.

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Tuning to Duktus & Text Requirements

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Distinction from competitors

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Minimum input, maximum output

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Revolutionise your reporting

Extract of our customers

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