Save time & money:
We automate
Text production & data maintenance

Save time & money:

We automate text production & data maintenance

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Save time & money with uNaice through automated content production in up to 110 languages.

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With the Text Robot, finally switch from manual to automatic text production.

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Take advantage of all the benefits and get content and product data automatically and of high quality.

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Textroboter Produktion

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ecommerce magazin

Technology from the market leader

AX Semantics Managed Service Provider Gold

Why working with uNaice as a certified AX-Semantics partner?


Activation of all offered licenses

Complete project implementation from a single source

All around data preparation and data models

trained translator network for all languages

individual solutions like category page descriptions and much more

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Which challenge would you like to overcome?

Which challenge would you like to overcome?

Product and category text generation

Creating SEO-relevant texts for my online shop costs me too much time and money! Our solution: the Text Robot

Data Preparation

My data is patchy, unstructured and not in good condition. I need permanently well maintained data! Our solution: Data Studio

News Production

I neither have the time nor the resources to write relevant up-to-date news for my website and social media! Our solution: News Stream

Better search function

Our website visitors find it very difficult or not at all to find the products that are suitable for them! Our solution: Semantic Search

Text automation like magic:
“What if your online shop’s search function was able to think for itself?”

Text automation like magic:

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Language style, style and tonality are adapted – there is no difference to manually written texts.

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Generate thousands of texts in many languages simply at the push of a button – always with uniquely and SEO-relevant original text.

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Reduces effort to almost zero – time-to-market is unrivaled.

Partner für die digitale Zukunft

Your partner for the digital future

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Many years of experience with digital solutions such as text robots for text creation or automatic data preparation.
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Reliable, fast and thinking ahead – our solutions and project expertise sets us apart.
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We love digitalisation and automation, implement them target-oriented and inspire our customers.

Data Studio
Intelligent & automated data processing

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One-time or permanently automated extraction of all relevant product data – manual data maintenance is yesterday’s news.
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Instead of inflexible tables, we organise your data structure as an ontology – a method of artificial intelligence.

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For example, your new data structure enables product search in natural language, automatic text generation and much more. In addition, you are optimally positioned for future AI-based applications.

News Stream
The latest relevant news for your website & social media

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Gain new customers with editorial content through your website and social media.

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Provide your visitors and followers with relevant news on your topic around the clock.

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You never have to create content yourself again. Gone are the days of assigning employees to this task or having to work with external service providers.
Simply employ our news aggregator.