A detailed match caverage down to the lower regional and district leagues is not even possible? Yes, it is! The clever solution? The text robot!

Soccer will be played and consumed as long as there is a round ball and a foot to kick it. During a soccer season, an average of nine games per matchday and league are played by almost 25,000 clubs, 170,000 teams and three million active players. How is a publishing house with a limited staff to cover this gigantic number of matches with meticulous match reports? It is therefore not surprising that there is little or no coverage especially of the games in the amateur leagues, even though these are the ones that are most relevant for fans and readers of media with a regional focus.

In order to cover all matches of all leagues and even the lowest divisions with comprehensive pre- and post-match reports, you should generate them automatically with the help of our text robot.

The text robot makes the impossible possible

Automating reporting is a technical and conceptual challenge due to the many different courses a football match can take and the complex data situation. We have taken on this challenge and can now offer a text robot that enables the automated and immediate generation of football match reports down to the lowest leagues.

What you save:

Editors immediately save resources through automated football coverage in the form of: Time, costs and staff.

What you gain:

On the other hand, media gain more content, increased visibility and a larger readership through widespread coverage, as many fans of regional amateur football follow their favourite sport and can finally read the results on local and regional pages. Another benefit is the time freed up for editors, who no longer have to be present at every match and can devote themselves to other content (comments, evaluations, interviews, etc.).

How our text robot writes football match reports: From data to football report

Data Analysis

The first step is to obtain the necessary data from the client. These are viewed, processed and modelled into a suitable data set. They are also connected to the NLG (Natural Language Generation) cloud. Depending on the requirements, data can be made available per day, per match, per week, etc.

Additional relevance through static information

Static information creates additional relevance, as it can be used to interpret certain data constellations and highlight special features.

Classifying parameters

On the conceptual side, standardised classifying parameters are defined for match results, scoring progressions and time intervals between events, which can also be transferred to other sports and projects. These could be, for example:

  • the goal type by minute of play
  • the time interval to the previous goal
  • the number of previous goals
  • the goal type

It is important that each goal is adequately highlighted in its uniqueness.

Different perspectives

To ensure that your readers are confronted with the right choice of words, the report can be written from either the winner’s or the loser’s perspective at the push of a button.

Verschiedene Perspektiven auf Knopfdruck

Tuning to your style and text requirements

Style and formal requirements can always be arranged individually by the customer. uNaice programmes the text robot according to your specifications and text requirements. It should be noted that automatically generated football reports do not differ in the slightest in style and readability from human-written match reports. In fact, their wording is usually even better.

Delivery of match reports

Finally, uNaice delivers the desired match reports to you via REST API or file download.

The result is detailed and natural language reporting with much more information than just the match result – without the need for staff to attend every match.

    All the advantages of automated football reporting summarized

    In plain language, this means that automatic text generation for football reporting brings the following advantages in addition to an enormous time saving:

    1. Guaranteed ROI for the client
    • Should you decide to use our technology and replace your current coverage with our robot-generated football coverage, you can look forward to the elimination of ongoing personnel costs.
    • In the case of non-existent coverage, on the other hand, the ROI is generated by an increasing conversion rate.

    The investment is well worth it, because with a minimum input you achieve a maximum output within a very short time.

    1. Unique selling proposition compared to the competitors
    • We love diversity, which is why, despite the standardized concept, we offer you customized content that fully meets your individual requirements In this regard, we differ significantly from our competitors, who in fact offer the same model to all their customers.
    • In addition, unlike the static models of our competitors, you have 100% control over the output text.

    So you will remain the absolute king of your content world – with the difference that it will multiply exponentially thanks to automated football coverage.

    Robot journalism at its best

    Our system will revolutionise your football coverage. Honestly, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to present the entire match coverage of the day without gaps on one page? And all this without any stress or additional costs? Your readers will only have to search for “county league” or “game day” and they will get a compact overview of all the football matches played, because not a single one will fall under the radar.

    In this article, we hope to have shown you all the advantages of automated text creation in the context of football reporting. So if you don’t have time for regional football coverage or your team is overloaded, just use this kind of robotic journalism to optimise your work. Let the robot create the texts and offer your readers an excellent content service, where the text structure and language correspond to the unique character of the individual match.

    Want to learn more about automated soccer reporting? Don’t wait any longer – let’s get talking now!

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