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Finally release the content handbrake with the Text Robot and create better & scalable content.


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Do you lack the time to write new or very good content?

From now on, you can save 70% of your time by using the uNaice copywriting robot, because we’ve already solved the problem. With your new colleague, the Text Robot, on your team, this and all other content challenges are a thing of the past.

… and save time!

Does this sound familiar to you?

Übersetzung: 15 %, Zu wenig Content: 37 %, Dublicate Content: 26 %, Kosten: 49 %, Zeit: 70 %

Source: Survey on
(152 shops; multiple responses possible)

How the text robot works:

The data

The Text Robot relies on structured data. This is usually all descriptive information such as product name, manufacturer, dimensions etc. that is available in a standardized form. Existing master data from the PIM or a similar tool is often suitable.

The algorithm – our text robot

The algorithm sets the desired framework for the texts so that syntax and grammar are adhered to. What it cannot do, however – and this is what distinguishes the text robot from an AI – is make unauthorized interpretations or decisions.

The text

The sentence templates and extensions are similar to a sample text, which is filled with numerous synonyms and additions. Synonymous words or phrases provide the variance – the extensions create explanatory or embellishing content.

The Text Robot will do it for you:

Product pages with added value

Our text robots work according to clear rules. This means that the product descriptions always meet your standards. No mistakes, no misunderstandings.

Scalability without compromise

Compared to other technologies, our distinctive feature lies in scalability. Our method is scalable. No matter how large your product catalogue is, we can easily create product descriptions for every single product without losing quality.

SEO-relevant category pages

The best way to create SEO relevance is via your category pages: This means researching keywords, creating text with added value and ensuring regular content refreshes.

Precise keyword integration

No matter how large your product catalogue is, we can easily create product descriptions for every single product without losing quality. Save time on manual adjustments and secure a top spot on Google’s search results with our automated, regularly updated approach.

Translation & localization

We do not translate texts, but the rules and data that govern them. In this way, we achieve true scalability without repeated translations in the event of changes to the source language.

Localization for every target audience

Content Automation - Mehrsprachigkeit blau

Language and cultural differences are not an obstacle for us, but an opportunity. We adapt the Text Robot so that it creates texts not only in the right language, but also in the right cultural context. This is the best way to get your message across.


monthly costs

Number of texts per month

Minimum duration in months

Notice period in months


Included power

Data base

personal support

no proofreading needed

Automation cycle

custom tonality, ductus

Legal security

Data Analysis


simple search engine optimization

advanced SEO (internal linking)

Support in measuring success

Check for need for optimization

1.499 €
equals 0,12 €/text or 0,0016 €/word

13.000* (equivalent to ~ 910,000 words)
Text Robot
user defined, regulated

2.394 €
equals 0,07 €/Text or 0,0003 €/word
35.000* (equivalent to ~ 7,350,000 words)
Text Robot
user defined, regulated

Other areas in which the Text Robot can support you:

Hyperpersonalised product pages

When customers get what they want – in real time.
With personalized content, you increase the conversion rate and boost your customers’ shopping cart value. Offer the best product pages for each of your customers – fully automated and scalable!
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personalised product pages that are individually tailored to each visitor

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real-time data acquisition for maximum targeting accuracy

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GDPR- and CCPA-compliant

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Personalized Commerce

Increase conversion rates on product pages with personalized content

Personalised Commerce is a tool for optimising the user experience. It uses hyper-personalised customer targeting, improves conversion rates and increases shopping basket value. The software is linked to the automated text generation. It designs, tests and optimises the content of your product pages to address each customer individually. Only data from first-party providers is used. This creates a unique customer experience that is securely GDPR- and CCPA-compliant.

Hyperpersonalised product pages

Create personalised offers for your products to increase online sales.

Unbeatable lead

Stand out from the competition and address each potential customer personally through individual content.

Unforgettable user experience

Build an emotional connection with your customers and take their motivation and interests into account.

More conversion

Increase the conversion rate by placing relevant messages in relevant places.

Greater turnover

Create unique product pages to increase your customers’ interest and the value of their shopping baskets.

Lower bounce rate

Listen to customers’ needs and answer important questions to reduce bounce rate.

Optimise product pages with data

You can use data to analyze and improve the performance of your texts. Metrics collects data on website traffic and creates statistical evaluations of text performance – ideal for optimising your product pages!

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Provides statistical data that is easy to read

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Increases the conversion rate

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Optimises target group outreach

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How Metrics increases your business success

The automation software offers innovative ways to optimise your product pages because it works on a whole new level – it understands what you need before you even know it! The data collected provides invaluable insights into the behaviour of your customers and can be directly incorporated into your product descriptions in a fully automated way. They are the basis for hyper-personalisation with our “Personalised Commerce” service.

Legal security

Metrics only collects and uses first-party data, which is a GDPR-compliant way to personalise your text.

More results

Ad-blockers do not prevent data transmission, so accurate information about the behaviour of your website visitors can be obtained.

Advanced testing

The data for A/B tests of text variations can be scalably applied to a large number of pages using automatic text generation.


Collect data, turn it into individualised content decisions and personalise product pages for each visitor.

Puplic Relation in a new dimension

Use the Text Robot to send the latest product news to editors and bloggers on an ad hoc and targeted basis – in many languages simultaneously if desired

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Saves up to 75 % of the working time

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Customized for B2B and B2C publications

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Individually highlight new features of the products

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Next level PR communication

Provide your multipliers with the latest product information at lightning speed.

Fast and constant public relations is crucial for your presence in the media. Getting high attention to your company does not occur automatically.

Automate the entire process of creating press releases on product news – in many languages simultaneously if required. In this way, you relieve pressure on your press work and become noticeable more efficient & take your public relations to a new dimension.

Your future possibilities

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Various press releases to different editorial offices (B2B/B2C)

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Several text variations highlighting selectedfeatures of a product

Pressemitteilungen automatisch erzeugen
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Forgettranslation costs

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Minimumpersonnel deployment

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Creation of press releases within seconds

News Stream

Automatically & easily stream news to your social media channels and website

Save time
The current effort of manually researching relevant news for your website and social media channels is very time-consuming.

Now effortless.
With the individual News Stream, you will have news on YOUR topic on your social media channels and website 24/7.

Increase your visibility
Raise your profile as an expert with relevant content and improve your reputation.

News have been delivered by us to our customers in the last 30 days.

News Stream Social Media

Increase traffic and improve your reputation now!

How the News Stream works

We will find news and deliver them to you. You can enjoy your time off!

So funktioniert der News Stream

Your News Stream is created from up to 50 freely selectable news sources and is sorted and filtered by keywords you define. 150-200 posts per month will appear on your website and, with an especially created schedule, on your social media channels with up to 7150 displays.

Bot or Not – can you tell which text was written by the Text Robot?

One of these two copies has been written by our Text Robot, the other by an experienced copywriter.

Petite Arvine Réserve AOC

One can describe the landscape of Valais with such words as hilly or mountainous. However, the Swiss winery Histoire d’Enfer tries to express the beauty of its homeland with this white wine. We think they have succeeded!
Its bright green yellow ensures a good mood at the table. This colour cannot be found in any catalogue. Slender body and distinctive acidity result in this white wine, which shows a lot of character and class in the mouth.
The Petite Arvine gives this wine its individual character. The fruity accents of black cherry ensure the fruity taste.

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This text has been written by our Text Robot.

Petite Arvine Réserve AOC

It is the hilly landscape that characterises the Valais. The Swiss winery Histoire d’Enfer has set itself the task of expressing the beauty of this region in a white wine. They have certainly succeeded in doing so!
The sparkling green yellow is simply fun – an incomparable colour that no other wine can imitate. The white wine is characterised by a slender body and a distinctive acidity, which gives it character and class.
The Petite Arvine variety provides the individual character of the wine. The aroma of black cherries makes up the fruity taste.

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This text has been written by a copywriter.