What does geo-data have to do with your ranking boost on Google and the relevance with the end customer, and why are data in general so valuable, especially in the travel and hotel industry? Did you know that even seasonally influenced texts are very easy to update and even in many languages? You’ve heard a lot about automated content, but you’re not quite sure if it’s useful in the hotel and travel sector? Well, it is at least worth exploring.

Content Pain Points

As a tour operator or hotel provider, you know this problem: the online market is dominated by major players in this sector who spend billions of Euros every year to secure the first ad positions on Google. This relegates other suppliers and hotel chains to page 2 or to unfavourable unoccupied niches. Moreover, many hotels are often listed with exactly the same descriptions on different platforms. This duplicate content adds weak search results to the already poor starting position on the market, or even penalises you.

A possible solution to these pain points, which probably irritate you a lot, is text automation through the text robot. Because: Automated text generation guarantees uniqueness and correct, complete content. These in turn boost your online travel business vehemently and deliver consistent results. In addition, the text robot delivers indispensable added value through customisable geo-texts, especially for the hotel industry.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

How does automated content work for the travel industry?

In the beginning there was data. It is more or less the primordial magma from which the text robot generates automated content for tour operators and hotel providers. As we will see, there is no magic behind this, but rather relevant know-how, diligence and an expert approach. The result is the automatic generation of very high quality descriptions – even for hotel or travel options with a lot of details that are very similar to each other. But this is where the text robot makes all the difference.

From data to text – The data addiction

What does the text robot need for this? For its work, it only needs one raw material – data. Hotel providers usually already have this. Often even on a large scale. From this data alone, the text robot can automatically “conjure up” texts, as many as desired and all of them always unique.

What should the data look like and where does it come from?

The data basis in the tourism and hotel sector is the industry standard GIATA and Global Type. But what is structured data and where does a hotel provider get it? Almost all tour operators have a huge pool of continuous texts with hotel descriptions, tables and common data formats (CSV etc.). All these data reservoirs can be used as sources.

What happens to the data?

In order for the text robot to make optimal use of the data feed, it must fulfil certain criteria. Thus the data must be prepared, cleaned and structured accordingly. This is the only way that appealing and meaningful product texts can be generated by the automated text creation. It is therefore essentially this optimisation of the data that makes it possible to incorporate it in a grammatically correct way.

You can find out more about how automated structured data leads to content generation in this podcast.

What characterizes Automated Content?

  • The text robot algorithm formulates platform-compliant, informative quality texts, based on the data. And it does so within seconds, precisely and with SEO relevance.

The tour operator only provides the data – the text robot creates first-class, unique hotel descriptions at the touch of a button.

  • Of course, every tour operator needs content in different languages with consistent quality.


For this reason, there is the option of receiving all automatically generated texts in up to 110 languages. These are not simple translations, but rather newly created versions that adapt to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the respective destination country.


Important: compared to a manual translation, up to 90 % effort is saved here.

More on the topic of internationalisation can be found here.


The absolute added value: hotel descriptions with information about the surroundings

Every hotel chain will know this: insufficient, outdated or missing descriptions of the hotel surroundings are a real content bottleneck.

However, this is precisely where the textroboter scores, because it contains the ultimate feature that enriches unique hotel descriptions with substantial added value, namely with

Geo data

For the hotel industry, geo-data is fundamental. To ensure the relevance of the content, the existing data is enriched with geo-data from various reputable sources. This gives the reader a decisive added value that goes beyond the customer reviews and ratings often used in this industry.

Important content on places of interest, excursion options, beaches, restaurants, etc. will help you gain more visibility on Google and with your end customers. The more informative a product or service is described, the better the potential clients feel advised – and the more likely they are to make a purchase. This is also true in the tourism branch.

This additional feature also enables indirect access via alternative search phrases that do not directly ask for hotels but for information about the surroundings. The customer is thus made aware of your hotel offers via a diversion.

This is what we mean by data optimisation: automatically enriching data in such a way that the added value of your travel or hotel offer is clearly highlighted.

Texte mit Geo-Daten erweitern

The industry standard GIATA and Global Types are used as a basis. These codes are no problem for our text robot, as the correct information is stored.

This standardised data also enables a scalable concept that can still be adapted to specific customers. This avoids duplicate and outdated content and reduces the enormous costs of text creation.

Global Types: So wird aus strukturierten Daten Text

Summary of all advantages of automatic hotel texting

  • Texts are generated fully automatically

High-quality hotel descriptions without duplicate content are generated with various extras at the touch of a button.


  • Seasonally influenced texts are easily updated

Texts created with the software can be regularly revised and thus kept up-to-date without much effort. Once the project is set up, only the data needs to be updated. Then the existing text is revised in real time or new and unique texts are created immediately.


  • You save time and money

The costs of traditional text production are drastically reduced. The manual writing of large amounts of text, such as thousands of hotel descriptions, is almost impossible in terms of time. The text robot, on the other hand, relieves copywriters and editors, who will have more time for creative activities and conceptual work.


  • Individual, SEO-relevant texts create higher conversion rates

Unique texts with variance and definable keyword density according to current SEO guidelines increase SEO relevance and conversion rates on online pages.


  • Geo-information provides additional relevance

Data is interpreted and special features are highlighted. Comprehensive information about the hotel generates more traffic, increases visibility and pushes the booking rate.


  • Texts are scalable and remain customised for each client

Sufficient unique content for all desired output channels is guaranteed by the scalable, personalised concept. Sufficient unique content for all desired output channels is guaranteed by the scalable, personalised concept.


  • Easy internationalisation and regionalisation

Translation into other languages and national dialects by native speakers who will localise the texts perfectly. These will then meet all the requirements of the local culture.


  • Reputable data sources and quality assurance

While an increased susceptibility to errors is to be expected with AI-generated automated content, the rule-based text robot stands for the avoidance of misinformation in hotel and travel texts.


There are numerous myths surrounding content automation, but also blocking half-knowledge that prevents tour operators and hotel providers from recognising and exploiting its full potential. We hope to have cleared this up once and for all in this article. Because one thing is certain: content automation is not a question of If, but of When. With the text robot, tour operators and hotel providers have a valuable tool at their disposal that creates hundreds of texts on travel offers with variable details in just a few moments based on structured data. An absolute must-have!

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