Semantic Search
The product search function that understands what your customers are looking for.

Higher conversion through satisfied customers who find what they are actually looking for.

We are happy to answer any unanswered questions and get your new product search to the start quickly!

Semantic Search Uses Machine Learning Methods

The time of outdated full-text search has run out. With semantic search, your search function will become intelligent. With it, complex searches in natural language can be understood completely. Various algorithms from the artificial intelligence sector use appropriate filters and limit the search result so that your customers can choose from an always-suitable selection of products – finding instead of searching.

The full-text search is no longer up-to-date

Conventional search solutions rely on a simple parsing of all available text entries. Results are related to the exact amount of the search word entered. There is no intelligent expansion of the search space. This often results in no or very blurred result.

Why our search is better

Search in natural language, with high precision

Our search works semantically and already achieves a better search result than conventional search solutions for simple category queries. “Smartphone” thus only issues phones and no smartphone cases, just because the search word occurs in both product groups. Thanks to our advanced algorithms, even complex searches in natural language can be completely resolved. The result is more concise, your customers more satisfied.

Intelligence in the Background

Handling a search should be as easy as possible. Semantic Search intelligently handles requests. Synonyms are recognized, properties are isolated and even implicit formulations are correctly resolved. Write errors are also compensated. Our search solution is particularly fault-tolerant when searching for model or article numbers – ideal for complex product catalogues in the B2B sector.

Guided Tour & Help

Customers appreciate tools and support in finding the right product. Semantic Search enables your online shop to integrate an auto-complete of search terms from the start. After just a few letters, it delivers results in real time. The search results are highlighted with flags in the context of the request and can be sorted and further narrowed down with a clear filtering system – customers can find what they are looking for.

We are happy to answer any unanswered questions and get your new product search to the start quickly!

Basics and Backend

The ontology and why it is superior

The basis of the powerful data search capabilities is an ontology. In this data structure from the machine learning sector, there is already a huge knowledge base from different product departments. So unstructured or impure inventory data can be processed into machine-readable data, which serves as a rich basis for our search. Ontology can be adapted to your personal requirements and needs on request.

Automated product maintenance

Thanks to ontology, new products can be quickly fed in or indexed. Inventory that receives updated properties is also updated. Sources of product data can be entered in any form and used to expand or enrich your product data. A high and scalable frequency in indexing also ensures Topicality.

Control search results

Semantic Search provides you with an understandable yet powerful tool set to control your search results. Control order and weight ingestion and define your own rules. For example, own brands can be made more visible. User tracking automatically tracks and optimizes your customers’ interaction with search results.

We are happy to answer any unanswered questions and get your new product search to the start quickly!

The search of an online shop has the highest priority for your customers.

Source: Fittkau & Maaß, 2015, 69,000 respondents

Until our semantic search is in use, we accompany you and optionally take all steps from you.

uNaice is dedicated to finding tools to simplify and automate business tasks. Our own need for better processes was the driving force. We have reached this goal today and are happy to help you with our knowledge of better processes and more control.

Features & Technology


Better results

The search understands natural language and recognizes intentions and implicit formulations.


Automate your product maintenance and say goodbye to manual optimization of your data base.

Better for Shop & Customers

Your customers will find what they are looking for. This promotes conversion and lowers the bounce rate.

Integration & API

One line of JavaScript, plugins for Magento and Shopware or full integration via REST API.

Search as a Service

Hosting on reliable servers. You will be completely freed from software maintenance.


High performance thanks to advanced data structure. Search results appear in real time.

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