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With Metrics you can analyse and improve the performance of your text. Metrics collects data on website traffic and creates statistical evaluations of text performance – ideal for optimising your product pages!

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Provides statistical data that is easy to read

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Increases the conversion rate

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Optimises target group outreach

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Improve efficiency by making the right strategic decisions.

It is not always easy to make the right decisions especially not on the basis of one’s own intuition. A decision based on data, on the other hand, is clear and more profitable in the long run. Metrics gives you real-time user data, enabling businesses of all types and sizes to make informed, data-driven decisions about their online activity.

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How Metrics increases your business success

The automation software offers innovative ways to optimise your product pages because it works on a whole new level – it understands what you need before you even know it! The data collected provides invaluable insights into the behaviour of your customers and can be directly incorporated into your product descriptions in a fully automated way. They are the basis for hyper-personalisation with our “Personalised Commerce” service.

Legal security

Metrics only collects and uses first-party data, which is a GDPR-compliant way to personalise your text.

More results

Ad-blockers do not prevent data transmission, so accurate information about the behaviour of your website visitors can be obtained.

Advanced testing

The data for A/B tests of text variations can be scalably applied to a large number of pages using automatic text generation.


Collect data, turn it into individualised content decisions and personalise product pages for each visitor.

The implementation of Metrics is quite simple


Use existing systems

You can continue with your current processes and metrics. You can integrate tracking into these processes.

Insert Tracking Snippet

Simply include the tracking snippet in your website so that the tracking script can be loaded.

Add data attributes

Add data attributes to activate conversion elements (e.g. “Add to cart”) and measure conversions.

Making decisions

Metrics analyses user behaviour so you can make strategic decisions.

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