It is clear to all of us that omnichannel and e-commerce have become more than just a trend in the furniture trade. What was unthinkable until recently is possible today. Customers buy on the internet. Even furniture. However, only if the content that an online shop offers is appealing, meaningful and informative. High-resolution photos, explanatory videos, questions and answers and, above all, detailed product descriptions help customers to make a decision and thus ensure higher conversion rates.

You are probably already putting out your feelers and getting fit for the channel of the future. But let’s not kid ourselves, there is a lot of work ahead of you. And you too are probably still afraid to tackle the biggest challenges. E-commerce is a content-intensive business and this is precisely what many companies lack.

Because very few retailers have their own content departments. Especially if they have been mainly stationary up to now. So do I have to hire a content agency now and put up with all the disadvantages that entails? Content agencies work with hundreds of copywriters who sit down and write your text. If time is of the essence – which is actually always the case – several copywriters deal with your products at the same time. This always results in product descriptions that are inconsistent and that show considerable differences in quality. Because the more instances that are interposed, the lower the earnings that a copywriter earns per text. And the househusband or housewife can also write copies. Simply, when the children are asleep.

Corporate language is part of the brand

But even if the quality is right – adjusting everything to achieve the desired language colour, the right style, is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Many companies therefore think: Why don’t I just use the text that the manufacturers provides me with? That would be quite simple. After all, I already have these descriptions in the system and only have to add them to my shop. But since many competitors in e-commerce think the same, a lot of duplicated content is created on the World Wide Web. This duplicate content is recognised and penalised by Google with a downgrading of your shop in the search results. Annoying, isn’t it? The only way to counter this is to become active and write unique descriptions. These are preferred by search engines and thus ensure that your page ends up high up in the search results.

Which brings us back to the first problem. You have no time and too few resources for your own content.

Content automation with rule-based interpretation options

And that’s where the topic of Text Robots comes in. What these are is quickly explained. A Text Robot is fed with data (attributes of products, categories or similar). Text will be generated from this data, which the Text Robot provides you with via an API. This is how appealing sales text can be created. From very simple to complex descriptions – generated for you at the touch of a button. Hard to believe, but true! Thanks to the advanced technology of our engine, rules are applied that allow even complex interpretations. By the way, our Text Robot is the only machine that can do this.

Can a robot interpret data?

Let’s take a closer look at the basis – the ‘food’ of the Text Robot. You are probably aware that the following text can be created from attributes such as colour, material and size.

The red leather sofa with a recamiere is available in a size of 263 x 173 x 70.

But our Text Robot can do more:

Really hot this season: the trend colour red. The red leather sofa not only looks chic, it also looks particularly good in large rooms and with the recamiere, all your guests have enough space.”

Through rules that we set up together with you, statements can be made that go beyond simple automated description. This means you get text with clear added value for your customers. After all, your customers don’t want to have to get out the folding rule all the time when you’re looking for a new sofa. And if they are told straight away that the sofa is more suitable for large rooms, a customer with a small 2-room flat will probably not choose it in the first place. As a result, you have satisfied customers who are delighted just browsing your online shop.

Bridge the content bottleneck in your company

With uNaice and our Text Robot, you solve one of the biggest problems in retail of the future: content. We create the foundation for your e-commerce shop so that you can go online quickly and easily. Our customers like Home24 show it: from 2,000 manually written product descriptions per month to 5,000 automated copies per month. And best of all: a conversion uplift of a whopping 21%. Would you like to learn more? Then book a free online demo now at the date of your choice.

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