You’re digging through a mountain of content tasks and wondering if there isn’t a magic button somewhere that will do it all in no time – and then you find the uNaice Text Robot. But before you can do a dance of joy, there is still one small but seemingly impossible obstacle to overcome: How do you convince your boss that this is not science fiction, but actually the solution to all your content problems? Don’t worry, we have a few tricks up our sleeves – or rather, in our blog.

Let’s wrap your boss around your finger together!

Why should we change the way we create content?

Your response: So, imagine you could produce content automatically in up to 110 languages. Sounds like magic, I know. But the uNaice Text Robot does just that and saves us time, money, and energy.

It’s time to switch from manual writing to the digital magic wand!

Is automatic text creation really more effective than our tried-and-tested manual processes?

Your response: Oh yes! Figuratively speaking, we are currently trapped in a hamster wheel, except that the wheel consists of texts. We can say bye-bye to that and turn our attention to more important and creative tasks instead. The Text Robot is already being used by numerous large companies and saves teams up to 70% of their time.

Let’s say goodbye to the hamster wheel!

Can we trust the reliability of this tool?

Your response: Absolutely! The uNaice team consists of experts who have been in the business for a long time and know their way around. The Text Robot is set up especially for us and tailored to meet our needs. We are involved in the entire process and the project runs through several quality assurance checks, both internally and by us. This guarantees that the Text Robot works absolutely error-free and only generates what we order.

Off to new shores – and into good hands!

And what about the ROI? Will the investment in the Text Robot be financially worthwhile for us?

Your response: Definitely. Let’s think short-term and long-term. In the short term, automation will significantly reduce the time and resources we currently have to spend on text creation. In the long term, not only will we improve our efficiency but also the quality of our content. This increases our visibility and reach, which in turn can lead to higher sales. The investment therefore pays off in many ways – not only in euros, but also in employee satisfaction and brand strength.

A clever move that strategically leads us into the future!

How would our data be handled?

Your response: The data that we want to use for content automation is analyzed by uNaice. We then receive a maintenance recommendation to make the data machine-readable for the Text Robot. Alternatively, we can also let uNaice clean up the data. The Text Robot then generates the texts we require in natural language on the basis of our data.

A magical book that not only stores everything, but also reacts to it intelligently!

    Can the Text Robot also work with keywords? How does it support our SEO?

    Your response: We can provide our own, self-selected keywords for the Text Robot to work with. Or we can also leave the SEO to uNaice. In each case, extensive briefings ensure in advance that the content not only meets our own requirements, but also those of various marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay.

    Let’s take our online presence to a whole new level!

    Wouldn’t an AI solution make much more sense and be cheaper for us?

    Your response: The Text Robot is the perfect solution for us, precisely because it is not an AI. In contrast to AI, the Text Robot works exclusively with our structured data and rule-based sentence templates, so that the output is completely controllable. The generated texts therefore meet our requirements 100%. This is completely different with an AI, as it always works with approximation methods and we have no control over the data that is used. If we let an AI produce our content, we also have to take into account incorrect statements, which in the worst case could result in legal action. With the Text Robot, on the other hand, the project is completely controllable and traceable.

    Sometimes, of course, an AI solution is the first choice, for example when we finally want to tackle our content for social media. We also find the right solutions at uNaice with the News Stream.

    Take the wheel instead of letting ourselves be swept along by the current!

    And what if the new content doesn’t match our previous texts at all?

    Your response: Now it’s getting exciting! The uNaice Text Robot is a real team player and adapts to our style and tonality. Our previous content can serve as a guideline, and we can use briefings and examples to show how our texts should sound. And: Inconsistent spellings and variations in style are eliminated once and for all! The Text Robot removes all stumbling blocks. So not only are we bringing a breath of fresh air into our new content, we can also improve our existing texts at the touch of a button.

    A chameleon that fits into our content landscape seamlessly!

    So we can really save time and create high-quality content at the same time?

    Your response: Yes, and how! The uNaice Text Robot is like a hard-working elf that does the work for us, makes everyday life easier and saves nerves. With him, we become a team of creative minds and digital helpers.

    The booster for the quality and reach of our content!

    …and how can you as an employee use this information in practice?

    Our response: To prepare you for the actual conversation with your boss, we have put together a series of tips and tricks for persuasion that could also be useful in other contexts.

    • The mirror strategy: Slightly adapt your body language and choice of words to that of your counterpart – as if in a subtle dance of gestures and words that demands familiarity and agreement. People are attracted to those who exhibit similar behaviors.
    • The Benjamin Franklin Effect: Ask for a small favor. This act of helpfulness can often build a bridge of sympathy and trust.
    • The 7% principle: According to the 7% rule, words only make up a small part of communication. Therefore, don’t just rely on what you say, but use facial expressions and gestures to reinforce your message.
    • The Halo Effect: Emphasize a positive quality or achievement to create a positive overall image. People tend to transfer a positive quality to other aspects.
    • Being Open Is Key: Be open and approachable in your posture. This can encourage your conversation partner to open up and accept your perspective.
    • Common enemies, common goals: Find common ground or common challenges to create a stronger connection. An alliance against common problems can strengthen cooperation.

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