Public relations in a new dimension

Use the Text Robot to send product updates ad hoc and accurately targeted to editorial offices and bloggers – in several languages if needed.

Use the Text Robot to send product updates and news ad hoc and accurately targeted to editorial offices and bloggers.

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Saves up to 75% of the working time

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Customized for B2B and B2C publications

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Individually highlight new features of the products

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Next level PR communication

Provide your multipliers with the latest product information in no time.

Fast and constant public relations is crucial for your presence in the media. Getting high attention to your company does not occur automatically.

Automate the entire process of creating press releases on product news in several languages simultaneously, if required. In this way, you relieve pressure on your press work and become noticeable more efficient.

Pressemitteilungen automatisch erzeugen

Only with a few clicks you define your target audience and choose the features that should be highlighted.

Yes, I want to become more efficient!

… and save time

Speed up and individualize your press releases with a Text Robot.

Speed up and individualize your press releases.

Reality today

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only one press release to all editorial offices

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Time-consuming creation of press releases

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Long translation process

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high costs and personnel expenditure

Your future possibilities

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Various press releases to different editorial offices (B2B/B2C)

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Creation of press releases within seconds

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Forget translation costs

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minimum personnel deployment

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Several text variations highlighting selected features of a product

Yes, I, too, would like to save time!

PR offices and media houses already using the Text Robot.

What our customers say


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Genter Verlag

We enjoy the positive feedback of Head of Digital Media at Gentner Verlag

The publishing director of digital media at Gentner Verlag in Stuttgart and a proven SEO expert, Axel Burkert, states clearly: The first steps have led to a clear learning effect in the online editorial team and there are also positive impulses on the market side.

I would also like a Text Robot

your customised package

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Technology from the market leader

AX Semantics Managed Service Provider Gold

Why working with uNaice as a certified AX-Semantics partner?


Activation of all offered licenses


Complete project implementation from a single source


All around data preparation and data models


trained translator network for all languages


individual solutions like category page descriptions and much more


With which challenge can
we help you?

I’m a content manager looking for help…

… to reduce repetitive tasks to have the chance to focus more on creative ones.

I manage PR and need a lot of content in several languages …

… with different orientations for different editorial departments.

I am responsible for SEO and need category descriptions…

matching with my SEO and keyword strategy to increase visibility.

I’m an E-commerce manager looking for a tool …

… to have my online shop available internationally.

Three questions you can immediately answer your PR manager

Am I able to determine the structure of the generated copies?

Yes, absolutely. Headline, intermediate headings, text markup (bold, italic, etc.) or bullet points anywhere in the text – there are no restrictions regarding the structural layout of a copy.

Will the generated copies sound the way I want them to?

Yes. The Text Robot will be configured the way you request it so that the generated copies match your preferred style and phrasing. Only when you say, “I couldn’t have written it better myself, that’s what my releases should sound like,” we’re satisfied.

Are the copies in other languages absolutely error-free?

Yes. We translate the configured templates once by a native speaker. This ensures that the copies in other languages will have the same quality as the original language. You will never need translators again!

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