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AX Semantics Automated Insights (Wordsmith) Arria Studio Narrative Science Yseop Retresco


(110 Languages)

German, English, Spanish, Italian, French
natural language generation
(only English)

(only Swiss German)


Self-serve SaaS Platform
for all functionalities, 24/7

automatable API
Live configuration and preview,
based on your data
Live collaboration
for several users

Reuse of constructs
(nodes, triggers...),
to ensure consistency and easy maintenance
Text editor

No developer needed

Use branches
to easily add alternatives
and synonyms
and try them out

Alerts for grammatical issues


The less you need
the less you pay

Free trial


Website with guides,
documents and examples,
link to lessons on the platform

Website with complete description of concepts, features and parameters

Live Chat
Certified implementation partners

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