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AX Semantics Automated Insights (Wordsmith) Arria Studio phrazor Yseop Retresco


(110 languages)

German, English, Spanish, Italian, French
natural language generation
included in standard

without grammar
(only English)
(only English)
(only English)

more languages with custom development in individual projects (e.g. at extra cost)


Self-service SaaS platform for all functions, 24/7
automatable API
Real-time configuration and preview based on your data
Analysis of the entered text with automatic transfer to the rule set
Real-time collaboration for multiple users
Reuse of constructs (nodes, triggers, ...) to ensure consistency and easy maintainability
Text editor with copy paste only partially
No developer required
Use branches to integrate and try out alternatives and synonyms in a simple way.

E-Commerce Features

Text adaptations for personalization manually manually manually manually
Conversion tracking of the text effect without Analytics
Variants for channels (e.g. other lengths) manually

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