Large companies and corporations usually manage the digital transformation on their own. They put together digitalisation teams headed by a Chief Digital Officer, set up start-ups and recruit digitally literate staff. Above all: financial resources are usually the least of all bottlenecks – they are hardly dependent on subsidies or funding programmes.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and handicraft companies have a much harder time. Building up own resources and expertise is usually not economically feasible. In addition, their daily business forces them to focus only little or not at all on issues related to digitalisation.

Subsidies such as 'go-digital' enable digitalisation of small and medium-sized businesses

The result speaks volumes: SMEs want to digitalise. We can help.

Politics and government have recognised this imbalance. The ‘go-digital’ subsidiary programme was launched under the auspices of the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (‘Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy’ of Germany), BMWi for short. The subsidiaries provided are available to medium-sized and small companies to enable them to tackle and implement digitalisation projects more easily and efficiently.

What can be subsidised with ‘go-digital’?

Roughly speaking, SMEs and handicraft companies in cooperation with competent consultancy firms authorised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy can take advantage of subsidiaries and implement projects in the following core areas:


1. Support in IT security

  • Risk and security analysis to evaluate threats and possible weaknesses within the company’s IT. This also applies to new purchases of IT and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Initiatives and measures that serve to improve the security management of in-house IT.

The aim of this module of the programme is to better protect small and medium-sized enterprises against cybercrime, which is a potential threat during digitalisation.

2. Support in digitalisation of business processes

  • Introduction of software solutions and tools that improve, simplify and accelerate business processes between companies, business partners and customers.
  • Digitalisation of internal core processes of departments such as marketing, sales, logistics, production etc.

The aim of this module is to digitalise work processes as completely as possible and improve online processes.

3. Advancements in the field of digital market development

  • Establishment of a strategy for online marketing and sales.
  • Programming of a legally compliant and modern website/representation, ideally in connection with an online shop. This also includes all downstream services such as content production, social media or website monitoring.
  • Setting up digital processes for the management of the web shop, electronic payment transactions or dispatch of goods.

Within this module, the subsidiary programme aims to support SMEs and handicraft companies in setting up online marketing and sales of goods and services via the Internet.

Your company can benefit from the subsidy rate of 50% per daily rate of € 1,100. The grant can be taken up to 30 days within six months. Expressed in concrete figures, for you this means: A grant of up to € 16,500 for your digitalisation projects.
Secure subsidiaries now!

Who can take advantage of the ‘go-digital’ funding programme?

The conditions for benefiting from this programme can be listed quickly. Support is given to legally independent small and medium-sized enterprises in the commercial or handicraft sectors. The following applies:

  • Your company must have fewer than 100 employees when entering into the contract. Includes partner enterprises and associated enterprises.
  • The turnover or balance sheet total of your company in the previous year does not exceed € 20 million.
  • The permanent establishment or branch of the company is located in Germany.
  • If the company is a “partner company” or “affiliated company”, the consulting company applying for funding must confirm the eligibility under the de minimis regulation of the European Union with regard to the number of employees and annual turnover/balance sheet total.

How do we support you with ‘go-digital’?

uNaice is a consulting company certified by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. We are thus authorised to apply for subsidies together with you.


Which digitalisation project suits you best?

Text Robot

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  • we will carry out an initial consultation
  • we will then define the scope of services of the digitalisation project with you
  • we will provide you with a commercial offer and credit you with the subsidies
  • in parallel, we will apply for subsidies from the ‘go-digital’ initiative and relieve you of bureaucratic work
  • we will get started and implement your desired digitalisation project

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