We recently wrote about when the use of a Text Robot is worthwhile: For the first time it is possible to produce a text for every product within seconds at a reasonable price. We also touched on how and why competitive advantages can be gained through automatic text creation. We received several enquiries about exactly what these advantages are. A few examples:

1. Speed in introducing new products

In the course of our work we have become acquainted with industries in which manufacturers pay premiums to retailers who are the first to go online with product descriptions. The advantage is obvious: the sooner a product is available with appealing text instead of bare bullet point lists, the sooner it will be found in search engines and the more customers will feel addressed. Once trained, the Text Robot writes text for each new item on the basis of the structured product data and automatically maintains the copies in the customer systems via an API.

2. Offering better SEO text

The Google algorithm in particular expects above all one thing from excellent web content: as much customer benefit as possible. The more meaningful and better structured my product descriptions are, the higher are my chances of appearing high in the search results.

Now, writing several thousand SEO copies is not exactly the favourite task of people who are good at writing. At the latest after the 20th text, which differs only slightly from the previous one, we all lose our creativity and motivation. This is where automatic text creation comes into play. The appropriately trained machine manages to write uniquely and perfectly, even with the 100,000th text, by using checksums.

3. Exploiting cross-selling potential

We all know the Amazon algorithm “Customers who viewed this product were also interested in…” Now imagine, you can integrate corresponding information from your own shop or CRM system directly into product descriptions or even into customer letters, which are printed out individually and sent by post – by automatic text creation. Each customer receives suggestions for further purchases, specifically adapted to their needs. Fully automatic and perfectly adapted to the individual user.

4. Saving on personnel costs

As already mentioned in point 2, the mass production of text can be outsourced to the machine and thus costs for copywriters can be saved by using automatic text production. But this does not necessarily have to be the case, because there are alternative approaches. You can also take advantage of the enormously disruptive technology of automatic text creation in other ways.

Copywriters are able to leave their treadmill thanks to automatic text creation and can concentrate on more important work. For example, the top 10 percent of products that generate the most turnover in your online shop. Content strategies like storytelling work very well here. As a rule, this is difficult to achieve through automatic text generation, as the data basis for this is usually missing.

5. More creative employees

However, the outsourcing of copywriting work mentioned in the last point does not mean that there is no more work for people. On the contrary: your editors, online copywriters and product managers can focus their work on creative and highly specialised tasks, develop new use cases or identify new data sources that lead to even better text.

6. Better informed customers

In every online business the following rule applies: The better the customer is informed, the higher the trust of the customers and thus your turnover. And the lower the workload in the service centre, the fewer returns and fewer complaints are received. High-quality text always leads to a very good level of information for customers. Well-written, continuous text promotes trust in the retailer as opposed to data spreadsheets or feature lists that aren’t easily readable for humans.

7. Higher conversion rates with automatic text generation

Imagine that you come across two online shops while researching for a new purchase. One is minimally less expensive, but does not hold any information apart from four data points (size, weight, product image and price). The other is 3% more expensive, but you will find three informative written paragraphs in which the product is explained in detail. Your desired application is also addressed and you will find two alternative suggestions for equally well explained products in the text. Which shop do you trust more and where do you ultimately buy?

Last but not least: new business models and services

Small bonus point, which we will explain in more detail in a later post: Digital information products based on the intelligent combination of different data sources are booming more and more. Be it financial products that are perfectly tailored to the current customer situation based on their individual data, insurance services that can be generated and offered in real time using third-party data, or luxury products that only become really attractive for the customer when several data sources are combined:

For example, the product description for a wine, which is automatically enriched with sports results from the corresponding vintage, with the preferred sport of the individual customer, including his favourite club.

Automatic text generation opens up completely new possibilities in addressing customers and conveying sales arguments, but also completely new business models. Simply arrange a meeting with us and let us show you the many possibilities!

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