NL-what? If you have not encountered the term before, you know Natural Language Generation possibly under the name Content Automation. But we don’t want to dwell on that too long, after all, time is the most precious commodity that we can’t get back.

Let’s stay with time: Up to eight hours a day per head – that’s not much when we think of all the tasks that arise in everyday business. Let’s take a look at the content department:

How many texts need to be written every day?

Even if we disregard whether the copywriters are happy to write about fleece sweaters 300 times, at some point their heads will start to spin. How long does it take to write all 300 texts? And how does the quality of the 30th text compare to the first? The 300. we prefer not to look at.

Fact is: Product page copywriting is like assembly line work not a grateful job for creative minds from the content department.

Fact is also: It’s a job that no:one copywriter:in needs to do in that way. That’s what automations are for – and our text robot.

That’s why today we’re going to introduce you to 7 advantages of NLG. Short and sweet, of course, in the spirit of efficiency.


Table of Contents

  • Mass and class
  • Individual and SEO-relevant texts
  • High variance (= many output channels)
  • Uncomplicated adjustments
  • Fast internationalization
  • Without quality assurance, editing & translation work
  • Rapid success & return on investment

Mass and class

200 new products per week, four output channels (online store, Amazon, ebay and print catalog), two languages – that makes 1,000 texts. Highly informative, attractively designed and best until yesterday. Logical.
“No problem,” says our text robot!

Best of all, we promise that you won’t be able to tell by the quality which text he wrote first and which last.

Our text robot already produces 40 million texts per month. And we’re sure you’ve stumbled across them a few times without even noticing. Why don’t you try it yourself? What do you type, which text is from human and which from text robot?

Mensch oder Textroboter

You’ll find the solution at the end of our post or during a round of “Bot or Not”.

Individual and SEO-relevant texts with NLG

What does your perfect SEO text need? A headline, subheadings, bullet points, bolding, links, …?

NLG knows no limits – neither in formatting nor in sequence. You decide what you want your text to look like in the end. This also applies to the tonality!

In doing so, you don’t have to worry that there will be outliers that don’t meet your style of speaking. All texts are exactly the way you want them: perfectly tailored to your buyer persona and your company.

Of course, this is of no use if the texts are not displayed in the right place because Google does not consider them suitable. But you don’t have to worry about that: Individuality and SEO relevance are not mutually exclusive.

We simply include important search terms for the search engines from the beginning so that the text robot does not forget them.

And what if your SEO keywords change? Look directly under point 4!

Content for all output channels

We’ve already mentioned it, now we’ll go into it in more detail: If you want to use different channels, you need individual texts for each page.

How fitting that our text robot does not know duplicate content. He likes to write in a variety of ways and thus brings variety into his job – and your texts.

Let’s look at the advantage again: Content for all output channels means exactly what it says. NLG with our text robot also means that special requirements can be met without any problems. Even if you want to cover Amazon, your print catalog, or meta data with it.

This is made possible by taking these special features into account during the preliminary work and providing the text robot with the appropriate structure. The rest is automation.

Uncomplicated adjustments

Have you ever manually adjusted existing texts just to add information or adjust keywords? Very few people do this – even with a high rate of returns (which, by the way, is mostly due to the fact that information that is crucial to the purchase is not communicated in a suitable form).

With texts from the content machine, things look different again. Here, the contents can be adapted in a short time. And the rest is again done by the robot, simply creating new texts and even replacing them directly. Quite uncomplicated and dynamic.

Fast internationalization

One of the biggest hurdles for companies in internationalization is the translation of content. After all, not only does all the existing content have to be translated, but the texting of new products and their translation must not fall by the wayside. Here, months can pass before companies can expand into even one more language.

With text automation, this can be done much faster without compromising quality. The text robot has already learned 110 languages and does most of it for you. Small subtleties are additionally translated by native speakers, so that not only the language is right, but also the wording.

Without quality assurance, editing & translation work

Why? It’s simple: Because we don’t have an AI at work, but a rule-based text robot that knows exactly how to implement your wishes and ideas. To ensure this, the only thing that needs to be right is the basis – and we work closely with our customers on this.

If the first text is correct, the 37864th text will also be correct. fit.

Rapid success & return on investment

Text automation is clearly an investment and is only worthwhile above a certain volume, but it has an enormous scaling effect and at the same time ensures an improved conversion rate. At what point exactly this investment pays off depends on the amount and optimization potential of your texts. That’s why we can’t give you a one-size-fits-all answer.

However, we would like to show you a few examples of the effects of content automation on our customers:

Beispiel: Conversion Steigerung

Last but not least: The resolution of “Bot or Not

Auflösung: Bot or Not

Did you guess right?

Don’t wait any longer – let’s get talking now!

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